Monday, January 9, 2017

Filling Cuapaos at Pao Pao Xiao Chi

We attended the wedding of my friend since elementary days at Mary the Queen Parish at Greenhills. It was a solemn and wonderful wedding.

But you know how weddings go, specially since my three year old and I were part of the entourage - we came at the hotel at 9:30am and the mass ended at 3:30 pm. I tried to feed her with her formula milk and two cookies but she was already starving by that time. We were just talking where we would go for drive thru when just a turn away from the church and Xavier school we saw Pao Pao Xiao Chi. 

I suddenly craved for Siopao when I saw that siopao smiley face. What's weird is that they actually don't have siopao! My kid was shouting noodles! noodles!- good thing, that they do have.

Taro Milk Tea @ 65P

Milk tea was just fine but reasonably priced.

Beef Dry Noodles @ 135P

The dry noodles was tasty and had meatballs and wanton. My kid ate some of the noodles and just took a bite of a wanton and the rest was for mama. No wonder my birthing belly never got back to its original shape :-X

Sausage Cuapao @ 80P

I super love their sausage cuapao which tasted like a chunk of yummy chorizo in soft buns. Biggest cuapao I've ever seen. The reason why I asked hubby to order a cuapao is because I thought their cuapao's were just as small as the ones in Henlin. I knew I was going to get filled soon once the buffet starts at the wedding. But this big cuapao was just too good not to be eaten while hot:))

Chicken Chops Cuapao @ 80P

Their chicken chops cuapao was also big and tasty. Breaded chicken with sprinkles of sugar. The steamed leaves were just the right amount of salty. 

Pao Pao Xiao Chi
Little Baguio, San Juan (Behind Xaview Sports Complex)
Telephone: 02 994 8554

Other Branches here.

Salad Stop: Healthy Can be Tasty

My husband's bowl of Hail Caesar Salad @ 260P
From the Menu: Romaine, shaved Parmesan, edd, croutons, bacon bits, Classic Caesar dressing. (Option to add grilled chicken add 50P)

My Jai Ho Wrap @ 250P
From the Menu: Romaine, Tandoori chicken, potato, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, indian spiced yogurt dressing

I liked my hubby's Caesar Salad better than the Jai Ho. They were equally good though and the serving was more than enough. 

Salad Stop
Bonifacio High Street, Central Square, Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: 0917 804 6921

2017 Year of The Rooster Bearista Bear

Someone came home with hubby today... It's a yearly thing since 2005 :)
Starbucks Rooster Bearista bear now sells at 895p

Sunday, January 8, 2017

8 Cuts Burger

Seats were utilized well

You can see your burgers being prepped

love the onion rings with tasty powder

My order of Four Cheese @ 245P. From the menu: Parmesan-crusted quarter pounder Beef Bomb Blend patty of chuck and short rib, yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella, arugula, garlic aiolli all on sesame seed bun.

I didn't enjoy my burger that much. It was just fine and I found it a bit expensive for the taste. For burger cravings I would rather go for McDonald's Quarter Pounder. Or maybe I just got the wrong order. Will give their other burgers a try next time, perhaps?

Molten Chocolate Bottoms @ 135P. Sinful but good ending.

3rd floor Megamall Fashion Hall
Telephone: 02 631 43 88
Mobile: 0917 505 33 56

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Filipino Food at Corazon

Corazon is located at the new wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall. They serve Filipino food with Spanish influence.

free cornick or corn nut appetizer

Pradilla @ 695P 
From the menu: Ox tripe stew with chorizo and pine nuts
In fairness, it was pretty tasty. Thick sweet tomato soup with veggies, banana, beef meat, and the sinful ox bone marrow. The serving was a tad too little for the price though.

Suam na Mais @ 398
Soup in cream with malunggay leaves and carrots.

Soup was good for sharing and baby girl liked it.

Suman Latik @ 180P
This is what mommy liked! Stucky rice dipped in thick dark tablea chocolate

Quezo de Bola Cheesecake @ 210P
Cheesecake was nice but it lacked the Quezo de Bola taste

4th Level East Wing, Shangri La Plaza, Mandaluyong
Phone: 02 687 19 55, 0917 817 82 98

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year 2017 at Zambales

Happy 2017!

Our family celebrated 2017 at Zambales this year :)

December 30 was an unplanned stay at Laud Beach Resort at Baloy Long Beach. We were supposed to stay at Canoe Beach Resort in Pundaquit but they were not confirming the reservation on the day itself. 

In fairness, rooms are a few steps away from beach front. Fine dark grey sand. Clean shore.

Chickens crossing to the rooms. Good thing their staff cleans after them. Room @2800P for 2 pax + additional bed for third adult free. No breakfast.

Come December 31 we met up with the rest of our family for island hopping - 3 islands 250P/pax at special rate. Normal rate is 300P/pax. The waves was strong though and we ended up just enjoying one island.

the beautiful Anawangin with a swamp in the middle of the island. The kids liked swimming here better than the sea.

View of Capones. We also just took a picture of Camara from afar. The boatman said we can jump going to shore but nobody did. I so wanted to but I was carrying my 1 year old.

We were able to check-in at Casa San Miguel at around 3:30pm - not bad eh? We stayed in the same place for our 6th Wedding Anniversary :)
Early media noche was served at 7:30pm with roast chicken, 4 pastas, two servings of ice tea, and rice @ 1599P. Coupled with free unlimited brewed coffee with milk and muscovado sugar (I still ordered cheesecake slice @ 150P) - never heard the word 'diet' before:)) 

Not the usual New Year fireworks but we liked it better at 11:45pm - we were invited for Indonesian Lantern releasing at their open grounds. Goodbye 2016!

Fireworks nearby

Baloy Long Beach Rd, Olongapo
Phone: 0925 850 7004

San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales
Phone: can be contacted via FB

Monday, December 19, 2016

What's Your Reason to Celebrate at Applebee's?

As soon as you enter Applebee's the server will ask you - What is your reason for celebrating today? Then they will write it down with a chalk and a small board :) During the time we ate there it was my son's 8th monthsary - so happy monthsary to you baby boy!

Speaking of baby, Applebee's is one of the restaurants that is child friendly- a lot of high chairs, coloring stuff for the kids, and a very nice kiddie menu

KdTeddy Bearger @ 174.11P

In fairness, the burger is not only cute but the beef was also tasty. And see how much fries they serve?!

Fiesta Lime Chicken @ 352.68P

Tasted like a tex-mex meal. I liked the slightly spicy rice and cheesy chicken

Triple Choco Melt @ 263.39P

For dessert we had the triple choco which was a good ending to our meal

Ground Flr W Global Center, 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio
Contact: 512 19 52 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Makansutra: Donald and Lily

I frequent Mega mall A for their clinic being a nursing and working mom near the area. In one of my visits I decided to check out nice restaurants around the area. After some clicking I chanced upon Makansutra.

Pretty cool entrance. 

Makansutra has several stalls which serves hawker food from Singapore. Brings back memories of my visit in Singapore 2005 - I loved their Chili Crab and Nasi Lemak. However the Chili Crab was a bit too expensive for me here in Manila (I was dining alone) and I already avoided Nasi Lemak since I had tummy ache - turns out I'm allergic to curry :(  

After considering the prices and the serving sizes I chose to eat at Donald and Lily...
Just a few people ordering here and it was a weekday lunch - yipes!

Beside it was Geylang Claypot Rice with a decent number of people. Most of those who already ordered also came from the same place. It seems like a lot of rice though :-O

This was my food - still a lot of serving, eh? It was very satisfying vermicelli noodles with tamarind sauce topped by two huge prawns and tofu @ 250P

No longer bought drinks since there was available water and cups. They had a separate stall for drinks and dessert - just a few choices for dessert though.

Makansutra is at the 2nd Level of SM Mega mall A.

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Thrilling Ride - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

After watching Dr Strange at High street's 4D cinema I immediately thought to myself that Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them will also be fantastic there! And it was! With all that rumbling and flying it was really like one was having rides. Too bad the couple behind me was talking super loudly. Nevertheless, these films are definitely 4D and IMAX worthy ;)

Synopsis here

Btw here's a fun write-up of Eddie Redmayne - he's so adorable ;)

Holidays at Harry's

Late post - were supposed to go to Tagaytay during All Saints Day but due to heavy traffic we had to settle at Nuvali. Most of our time was spent with the kids playing on the grass. A little window shopping. Come dinner we actually didn't know where to eat. We scouted around and saw Harry's Cafe which is actually an Australian pie shop. Turns out they also have group meals which cater to 'Filipino's appetite' at a reasonable price

Comes with dessert, pies and sausage. their desserts were good, but the pies were hard. I like the ones in Pie Face better

pitcher of ice tea

chicken for sharing - I think that was 6 pieces but the kids already grabbed the others:))

oh and yes, there's rice

(they also have a branch at Fort Bonifacio and MOA)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary at SM Cinemas

Trailer of Ms Saigon 25th Anniversary

It was the last day of the showing of Miss Saigon at the SM Cinema last November 16 - I just had to watch it. I was able to see the show in the theater back in 2000. I was too young then and seemed like a far flung past. The only thing I remember was wearing my jeans jacket with hoodie and hiding my P800 at the hoodie just so that I didn't have to leave it at the front desk, hahaha! 16 years later I find myself watching Miss Saigon alone at the SM Megamall cinema and getting a lump in my throat since I was trying not to cry... Well, I wasn't alone - during the breaks I can see a lot of people wiping their teary eyes :)) 

Great performance by the young Kim played by Eva Noblezada, Engineer by Jon Jon Robles and Gigi by Rachelle Ann Go. Good job Filipino actors! The original cast with Leah Salonga also appeared in the finale.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dr Strange at 4D

Love, love, love Dr Strange at 4DX - super sulit even if it was 450P per person :))

Synopsis of Dr Strange from Screen
Before he met the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange (Cumberbatch) was an unlikable and egotistical neurosurgeon. Everything changes when a car accident limits Strange’s use of his hands, sending him on a maddening quest for a miracle cure. This origin story introduces the magical and mystical realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Having 'couple time' is very rare after the birth of our second baby. But we got a time out during hubby's birthday last 15th. We watched Dr Strange at Bonifacio High Street 4DX Cinema at Central Mall.  We watched Maleficent in 4DX before but Dr Strange was a lot better! The action scenes, car crash, and the Mt. Everest scenes are my favorite... 4DX had moving chairs, snow, flashes of light and scent :-D

Starbucks 2016 Red Cup Card & Preview of the 2017 Planner

Finished collecting the 9 stickers for the planner exactly on my hubby's birthday last 15th - could've finished earlier but he told me 'addict ka' so I let it slide for a couple more days :))

View of the planner inside - May month to be exact. They have two versions, one with coffee mugs and the other the mermaid. I almost thought the cover had a defect since it had white stains. Turns out it was an intentional white splatter :-X Inside there is a sticker, the usual freebies per month, and an erasable pen. The bag cover with a mermaid tail is very cute.

One more thing I got myself is this red cup. I thought my frappuccino starbucks card got destroyed since it wasn't working at Glorietta, so I got this 2016 Edition Red Cup Card. After a couple of days I tried it at Central Mall and it worked perfectly fine! Oh well, perfect excuse :)) 

My red cup with the then unfinished sticker cards.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Osaka Ohsho Manila

Always had gyoza as an appetizer before a ramen ever since my Japanese friend introduced it to me 2008 at Shinjuku - which eventually became my go-to place for gyoza. When we passed by SM Megamall Fashion Hall and saw that a restaurant had the 'World's No 1 Gyoza' I told myself I should try it soon.

Had the 6pcs Chahan Gyoza Set @ 360P

It tastes the same as my favorite gyoza place. But no, I wouldn't have gyoza as my viand again. The taste of the rice overpowered the gyoza. Also with the price I would have gotten a ramen instead :( 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tim Ho Wan Manila

Tim Ho Wan first opened its restaurant in Manila at SM Mega mall Fashion Hall with a very long line. Now it also has a branch at Glorietta - both still have patrons but no more long line. Ate there already several times (we even brought our baby with us during the 1st week of opening) but never got to blog about it.

Only got to keep the first batch of photos we took....

Egg Cake @ 85P

Carrot Cake @ 145P

B.Bun with BBQ Pork @ 145P

Prawn Salad Dumpling @ 140P

My favorites at Tim Ho Wan are their BBQ Buns (of course!), the Prawn Dumpling with big and juicy shrimps and not in the picture the Glutinous Lotus Rice @ 190P wrapped in banana leaf and filled with chicken and rice. All worth coming back for :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pablo Cheesecake Manila

Finally had a taste of Pablo! Their first branch opened at Robinson's Manila and the next one would be opening at Fort BGC sometime December according to their staff at Rob Manila.

They only have one size for their cheesecakes. The Pablo Cheesecake is priced at 599P while their Chocolate Tart is 699P. When we went there last October 28 they had a promo of buy 2 cheesecake and get 200P off.

Pablo Cheesecake and Freshly Baked Chocolate Tart

Personally didn't like the original cheesecake with its light taste and pineapple tasting glace. The chocolate cheesecake was yummy though specially when we put it at the fridge. It was a gooey goodness of chocolate. Their crust is also notable since it had a flattened croissant texture.

By the way, they don't have any seats at their Robinsons Manila branch which was rather a disappointment since I wanted to eat the cheese tarts fresh and probably have a taste of the drinks they are offering. Hopefully they would have chairs at their BGC branch - would love to try their premium cheesecake next time.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trolls Movie

We love that the Ayala Malls have this Family Fun Day - we've attended the Kung Fu Panda, and Finding Dory. They also have one for the Trolls Movie up to today :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Parties for 2016 - Kidsville, BGC, and Gymboree

It seems like yesterday when my baby first attended a Halloween party. Being the 1st timer I dressed her up as Leah of Star Wars. Even made the hair bun since she only had 'baby hair'. The second year I dressed her up as Pucca just so that she could re-use her hair. I was so proud of my work that I got mad when the office of her dad told us we were late and the registration was already closed. Mama walked out and just went to the nearby hotel for a Halloween cake, haha! Fast forward a year after, she doesn't want mama to choose her costume anymore - she was very particular about being just a butterfly. Oh well...

Halloween Party 1 at School - Kidsville

They set up the nearby church gym. The host was Jiggles the Balloon Lady which was also my daughter's host during her first birthday.

Gym Set-up. Pretty enough. Just hot. Poor kids and teachers in long sleeve fleece costumes were perspiring like hell

In fairness, the food was healthy and they really thought about it - Bento box with chicken poppers, teddy bear with choco spread, grapes, orange slices and juice on the side.

She got one of the major balloons - yey! And that big bag at the back was super full with goodies from the parents and the school :-D

Halloween Party II - BGC
For some reason we always have Halloween parties at BGC. For three consecutive years actually. Just dunno why I haven't written about it. Lesson learned when going to these events, go early if you want to do trick or treat. Since we were just there for the show and the lootbag, we arrived at BGC around 3:45.

Show was supposed to start at 4PM but it started past 6. The photobooth was also not working properly, tsk tsk

Mind Museum's concoctions was pretty neat

As usual, the lootbag was still very nice. One could get a lootbag for a single receipt worth 2,000P. The Marks and Spencer candies were prizes from the wizard show

Inside the owl :) - my daughter super loved the slime (that pink bottle). I didn't know if it was food. I tasted it just to be sure, eckkk!

Halloween Party III - Gymboree Greenbelt

We were torn between attending Gymboree or Rockwell. Rockwell was considerably priced at 350P. And in fairness, they also have pretty lootbags last time we signed up during their Easter party. Baby girl loves her Gymboree, so no question about it even if it is 850P for members. Rockwell was fully booked 3 days after posting though, so Gymboree it is. 

1 hour of Gym Class - yipee!

The place was a bit hot (they said it was the whole Greenbelt during that time). There were also parents who were cheating during the games - geeezzz guys the kids are supposed to play 'with assistance' not you making them into a puppet just to win a prize. Goodness. 

Nevertheless, my kid had fun in the class and the trick or treat around Greenbelt 5. 

Treats from Greenbelt 5 Gymboree partners