Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ranger Rabbit Easter Adventure @ Powerplant Mall

Easter Celebration at Powerplant Mall was as usual, very good :)
There was a decent line cued up 5 minutes before 2PM...
They handed out the loot bag - which was literally a bag. I liked the idea. It can be used by the kids even after the egg hunt. When I opened the two backpacks at night time this is how much goodies there were inside... plus...
They also had an egg painting session. Look at that concentration - and he's only 18 months. So cute :)
One of my favorite activities was done in a store...
Slime making
Our orange slime was turning out well. A little gooey, but I think it only needed a dash more baking soda - then a store crew assisted us and made it crumbly :(
We ended up going home with this blue slime which is still very sticky. It was left by a mom and her daughter since the former had been stirring it intensely for sometime to no extent. The staff gave it to us rather then not having anything. My son and hubby was helped out by another staff though and theirs were perfect :-O
Candies and Lollipops from the eggs and stores :-D

Holy Week 2017 at Batangas

In fairness, this is the first Holy Week in ages that we actually just went to churches - yes, no beach, no long trips.

We were supposed to go to Calaruega but ended up in Batangas instead. Hubby wanted to avoid the inevitable heavy traffic at the direct route to Tagaytay so he did a 'back route' going there - which turns out to be closed. We ended up 28 Kilometers away from Tagaytay, and just 5 Kilometers away from Taal Batangas so I just told him to abort plan and go to mass instead at the old town of Taal.

This was our second time in Taal - first was when we went to have a picture taken of our then 2 year old at Villa Tortuga with Filipinana costume.

At the Taal Basilica there are lots of people selling these red candles with a molded person with it. We also bought one last time and removed the rubber band. Turns out it's supposed to be lit together for unity in the family - lesson learned, did it correctly this time ;)

The arc of the basilica. There was a Passion of Christ mass at 3PM and we were there at 1PM so we opted for lunch first around the area...

The nearest and prettiest nearby was Café G

They had a pool with a lounging area outside
Pretty Love Locks Wall. One can purchase a colorfully painted lock

Their pride was a combination of Coconut and Kapeng Barako @ 115P.
I liked this refreshing drink, but my hubby's tummy wasn't happy with it.

My meal of Smoked Salmon turned out to be a bit more expensive then the one in Contis @ 385P and a tad smaller. At the menu it had 250P per 100grams.A bit pricey for the province, eh?

The Calamares @ 180P had a tasty dip but few pieces

After lunch hubby said it was too hot to go back to the basilica with our baby boy and little girl at tow. There were also too many people.
Driving on our way back to Manila we passed by a modern church at around 2:45PM at Alitagtag Batangas. We did Passion of Christ here instead.

Invencion dela Sta Cruz Parish Church Alitagtag was a nice church with lots of fans and trees outside. Too bad there weren't any speakers so I didn't hear mass as my little boy roamed around the trees outside and rode all the vacant parked tricycles and motorcycles :))
  Not necessarily a Visita Iglesia, but I think that went well :)

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Cheesecake Fairy had Us Enchanted

After the lunch at Another Story we decided to just roam around Evia Mall until we were hungry again :)) Then we remembered that there is an equally pretty dessert shop at the 2nd floor - The Cheesecake Fairy. Turns out they have the same owners - hence the pretty flowers everywhere!

it's like dining in a garden
Cake displays. Their small cakes are so cute ;)
dessert, anyone?
I love this fairy dust - so pretty!

My little one's request - she can't take her eyes off those strawberries!

Strawberry Cheesecake Slice @ 215P. Kindda pricey but it is thick and filling enough to be shared if ordering another slice 
We loved this - super yummy Salted Caramel Cheesecake @ 215P
2nd Level, Evia Lifestyle Mall, Daang Hari, Las Pinas City


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Another Story at Evia

So we made the big move to the far South two weeks ago - Daang Hari to be exact. This is the longest travel time and most expensive I've ever had to the office. The area is pretty though with lots of trees and pretty birds. It also has a decent mall which is very near our place, the Evia Lifestyle Center. Except for the parking, everything is nice. A good number of restaurants to choose from. We first tried Another Story for lunch on our first weekend at the new place...
Lots of cute stuff around. Just look at this center piece. The interiors will surely draw people in.
Even their glass is pretty!
Complimentary bread with olive oil, tomato and parmesan dip
From the menu: ROAST CHICKEN (Whole @ 395P) Roast Chicken is always a welcome feast in our family dinner table with mushroom gravy sauce
The serving was big and will make you truly feel at home! This was a very good order
Buttered Pasta sides @ 75P
My toddler always wants pasta or pizza, so when I saw this as one of the 'Choices for sides' I ordered it right away. Surprisingly she loved it so much she finished the entire plate :-O Note: if she doesn't like something even if I promise her a toy she still won't eat it
Steak Rice @ 75P
I didn't feel the steak here, but nevertheless it tasted good. 
Vietnamese Latte
 Such an eye candy! I love the presentation and the free cookie!
Overall we enjoyed the first restaurant we dined in at Evia - food was superb, ambiance was very nice and the service was good too :) 
2nd Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Rd, Almanza, Las Pinas City
10AM to 10PM
Contact: (02) 869 0003

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Our Fav Easter Egg Hunts in the Metro

Easter Sunday is just around the corner. A lot of restaurants and hotels have started uploading their Easter offerings. Here is our favorite ones - the less crowded and reasonably priced Easter Celebration we have been frequenting :)


They also have their own Easter event at Central Square but as of this moment it is not yet in their FB page

I hope this year's event is as 'sulit' as their previous ones! We already got tickets last week since tickets run out fast

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Goo goo dolls in Manila!

Took a break from Mommy and work duties today courtesy of hubby (pre-Valentines gift) with my friend since goo goo dolls started:)) Enjoyed the concert much! Got a big balloon take home from the concert at Smart Araneta which made my little babies stay up until 12:30 and they only slept since it popped, hehe...

We were this near! Got a 15% discount from Citibank. Ticket price went down to 5k

Of course the crowd favorite was ''Iris", but they also played other 90's hits like "Come to Me", "Black Balloon" and others ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Korean Pizza Goodness at Mr Pizza

Been a while since I wanted to check out Mr Pizza at Greenbelt 3 but it was only now that my toddler suddenly had a Pizza Craze (Ramen Days are over :)))

We ordered for their set meal at 1,399

Ms Chicken is a slightly spicy chicken wings. It was just fine

I did like the Mr Chicken better since it suits the 'Pinoy taste' better - it was slightly on the sweet side

We also loved the seafood pizza with cheddar cheese crust. It had lots of shrimps and olives - my baby girl's favorite ingredients ;)

Baked pasta was also yummy and filling

Over-all Mr Pizza was actually good. I just would prefer if they had plain cup rice instead of rissotto since I wanted to feed rice to my baby boy. Also the soda + fruit drinks combination from the package wasn't available and was just replaced with regular soda. Another disappointment was no dessert offerings.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Worthy Extra Calories at Farmacy

I first tried Farmacy at Netlima Building BGC one after lunch day. I wanted something sweet badly. My officemate told me there was a nice ice cream shop just at the ground floor where we worked.

After trying out their ice cream I also got my toddler a milkshake for doing a good job on her DLSZ entrance exam :)

In the picture: Straciatella One Scoop Ice Cream with waffle cone @ 150p, Free tasting area for ice cream! And my kid's Pistachio Milkshake with sprinkles and cherry @220p

Both the ice cream and shake were great! I'm sure I'll be back for the other flavors next time ;)

Kiddie Friendly Kuya J's

We had lunch with my sister at SM Light last week. It's so convenient that a lot of condominiums have a mall under or very near it. SM Light was one of those with restaurants, grocery and even a cinema. After some discussion we opted to eat at Kuya J's since I heard they have a very yummy halo halo.

When we entered the restaurant what was noticeable were the toys one can borrow for the kids while waiting for the food. They also have more than enough kiddie chairs. Hopefully they also offer kiddie meals next time :)

In the picture: Crispy Kare-kare, what's left of the three pieces Barbecue, Tablea Leche Flan and Mango Cheesecake

The Crispy Kare kare looked yummy even in the menu but it was the least 'sulit' at around 365p but just had a small chunk of meat. It tasted good but with that serving was just small. We liked the barbecue - 3pcs at 150. Tablea leche flan was also yummy and affordable at 80p. Mango cheesecake was just fine at 150p. The halo-halo was sold out :(

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Passion by Gerard Dubois

It was a Friday night after work. BGC was full of yuppies happy for the coming weekend. It was an unusual Friday for me though cause my toddler was going to visit me. I was glad to see her and hubby at Netlima lobby at exactly 6pm. I asked her where she wanted to eat but she can't decide. She told me she wanted pizza though so I asked her to choose between Motorino and Passion which were both just at the side of the office. Just by looking at the interiors she chose Passion...

The posh French vibe. One would have to place the orders at the middle of the store after scanning through 1) breads, 2) salads, 3) pastas, 4) pizzas, 5) omelettes, 6) cakes, 7) gelatos, 8) juice - woah!

After some thought - we opted for Caesar Salad @ 248P which was served in a huge plate. If eating with another dish this is good enough for sharing, otherwise I think the serving is just enough for someone having a dinner diet. The ingredients weren't scrimped. It had lots of bacon and grated cheese.

For my toddler's request to have a pizza we ordered their Seafood Pizza @ 365P. We also liked their pizza with generous amount of mussels and shrimps. Even my daughter liked her order but what can you expect from a three year old- she once again ate just one slice then chugged on the Stella Lemonade

Since I was already full I just asked hubby to buy their Macaron @ 55p each. We had the salted caramel and chocolate and they were both lovely. I liked the chocolate one better though since the salted caramel had too much of a buttery taste.

For lunch I actually also had Passion...

Yep, eating on my desk. Not that I'm busy but because I spent my lunch shopping for office clothes:)) Anyway, I had their Guava Juice @ 95P and Salmon Quiche @ 280P. I also liked my lunch order. Not something for everyday though as it's too expensive for a worker's lunch!

Check out that yummy quiche with layers of cheese, egg and smoked salmon.
I think the only problem with Passion is that despite their good food their staff wasn't excellent. When I ordered for lunch I asked my quiche to be heated but they didn't do so. No utensils were also given. Come dinner only one staff was accommodating. Oh well, room for improvement.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sing and Binondo Wok at Uptown Mall

I was kindda getting frustrated that Sing was just shown too short of a time at some malls. It was also full at Greenbelt last time we checked. Finally it was a relief we were able to watch it last minute at Uptown Mall cinema! Weird though most movie theaters charge an infant full price even if they won't sit on a chair. Only Ayala mall doesn't - hope this rule hasn't changed :(

After the movie we decided to check out their food hall. Lots of restaurant choices but it took some time before I saw someone cleaning the tables. We already cleaned up the table ourself, tsk tsk.

Anyway, we ate at Binondo Wok by Savory and it was rather a disappointment. We ordered their dimsum and soup. It was an expensive version of the Savory we know - expensive in the sense that there was less dimsum at the same price when you eat at Savory. Just check out their lumpia, tsk tsk. We did enjoy the Hakaw though.

Btw Uptown Mall is the 'new' mall at the end of BGC Fort Bonifacio near the International school ;)