Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blue Bay Walk Bubble Fun & Angel N Kiss

It was our first time to visit the Blue Bay Walk last Saturday - and I must admit, we did have fun! Mostly thanks to the open area displays and the bubble man during that day. We found it so fun that we've decided to go back on the 18th to check out Blue Bay's Family Day with Kite Flying,  Kite Making and Film Showing :)

Kiddie friendly designs

Happy Bubbles Man. We bought a bubble maker kit @ 100P

Dada and bebe enjoyed making their own bubbles - well, dada enjoyed it more :))

Lights at night

Afterwards we had dinner at Angel N Kiss. Their cake displays were so nice we just had to check the restaurant out...

Dessert came first - Carrot Cake @ 150P. 

Bebe loved the carrot cake so much she finished most of it! If you like creamy - this is for you ;)

Katsu with Cheese combo (comes with ice tea) @ 350P

Hubby doesn't eat carbs, and we chose Angel N Kiss because of their menu display of Cheese sticks and Korean chicken, but turns out they only had few available meals - 2 pastas and 3 versions of Katsu with rice :(

The meal was good for sharing though and the Katsu went well with the side pickles. I do hope they didn't place the other offerings on display though.

Btw, one of the cutest cakes was an apple cake. They have a display on their Facebook page. And the Pat Bing Su or Korean Halo-halo also seemed interesting.

Edsa Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City
Contact: 02 857 9353
Mon-Sun 10AM to 10PM

Cluster G Unit 159-160 Blue Bay Walk
Contact: 09277 734 144, 02 403 85 78
Mon-Sub 8:30AM to 12MN 

Contact: 0917 558 4477

Monday, October 13, 2014

Chocolate Festival at Resorts World 2014

It's been a while since my last entry - work is still killing me. Nevertheless, my family and I are still able to enjoy the weekends with minor text messages from my users :-/

Two weeks back we were able to go to the last day of the Chocolate Festival at Resorts World. I so wanted a Chocolate Festival here in Manila. Cutest chocolates come out every Easter with several creations from different hotels like Shangri-la, Mandarin and Century Park. Nevertheless, they never make just one hub for all those cute chocolates, hence I was exhilarated to know that there would be a festival at Resorts World :)

Cute photo-op place with my doll-like bebe

The displays were done by Marriot hotel and were delicately created but more for adult appreciation

Other than this Gargoyle (with a live mosquito eating the chocolate from the back), there was also a 'Walking Dead' display - as I said it's more for adults' taste

After scanning through the chocolates on display as well as the chocolates for sale we went to eat at Johnny Chow Restaurant since the chocolate truffle buchi which was advertised along with the other chocolate offers seemed interesting...
Lechon Macau - with crispy skin matched with pineapple fritters in the middle. Even bebe enjoyed this meal even if she doesn't like pork :)

3 pcs Truffle Buchi - just like what Forest Gump said "Life is like a box of  chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get" in this case, life is like 3 pcs of chocolate buchi, we didn't know what we were going to get. Good thing I got the ferrero buchi at first - it was a delight! Hubby and I shared the last buchi which turned out to be a peanut chocolate - taste was so-so.

Address: 2nd floor Newport Mall, Pasay City
Contact:  02-6598353
Mon-Thurs & Sun 11AM to 12MN; Fri 11AM to 2AM, Sat 11AM to 1AM

Friday, July 4, 2014

My first Troll

I just couldn't resist #sopretty :-D

VINTAGE @ 4395p, 45cm SILVER NECKLACE @5600p with my cherry blossom pandora murano. 

This was the last piece of Vintage charm and silver neclace when I got there at the Trollbead store Glorietta 2 - I guess it was really meant for me :))

Website: http://www.trollbeads.com/philippines/en-ph/products/new%20products/11913(base_usd)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garnier Free Hair Color Application

I normally don't blog about free hair color application, but the people who did my hair was superb - and it was free!

We went to SM Bicutan yesterday for our regular weekly grocery. I was due to color my 'stress hair' - yes, the small, white, standing up hair. Around more than three months ago I did my own hair using the Garnier burgundy and I had an easy time applying it, hence I was looking for the same brand. I was getting disappointed that I can't seem to see it when a couple of steps later, in the middle of the mall was a makeshift salon area - there was free application for Garnier!

199P for 1 box

The guy who did the blowdry was amazing - too bad I didn't take a picture :( This runs until June 12 in SM Bicutan then they are off to Market Market :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gummy Bear Drinks!

Ah... the chewy gummy bears... it brings back childhood memories :-D

It's no surprise I would like the 'off-the-menu' Jamba Juice White Gummy Bear and Strawberry Gummy Bear drinks.

Light pink drink for the strawberry gummy. The first sip will make you addicted to it. I like the sweeter strawberry gummy.

I found a recipe online :)

Red Gummy!

-6oz Raspberry juice
-4oz Soymilk
-1 scoop Lime Sherbet
-1 scoop Raspberry Sherbet
-1 scoop Orange Sherbet
-1 scoop Pineapple Sherbet
-1 scoop ice
-1 scoop Strawberries

White Gummy!

-6oz Peach Juice
-4oz Soymilk
-1 scoop Lime Sherbet
-1 scoop Raspberry Sherbet
-1 scoop Orange Sherbet
-1 scoop Pineapple Sherbet
-1 scoop ice
-1 scoop Mangoes

Monday, June 2, 2014

Spiderman at 3D Atmos, Godzilla at 2D Atmos and Maleficent at 4DX

We were very curious about the 4DX movies at Bonifacio Highstreet that we tried two times to book a ticket for Spiderman then for Godzilla - but to our dismay, it was fully booked for several weeks for Spiderman and Godzilla's 4DX stint only lasted for a week. So after watching Godzilla at 2D Atmos, we already bought a ticket for Maleficent a week before its showing. The 4DX cinema was already 3/4's full! But alas - success! :-D

3D and 2D Atmos were already fine, as usual, the seats were comfy and the movie start with the sound roaming around the cinema was great - specially the rain part :))

A bit of science in the Amazing Spiderman 2 - Electro vs the Amazing Spiderman. 

I felt sad about Max Dillon though who just basically wanted to be noticed and Gwen who died by the end of the film :( 

Godzilla the savior of mankind?

I wouldn't be surprised if there really are Godzilla's beneath the ocean! Godzilla was kindda cute in the film with his chubby thighs :)) The film started out great but I felt it was dragging along the way

Now let's go to the 4DX... Priced at 450P each, I think it was worth the experience with the sweet smell every time Maleficent flies over the flowers, bubbles all around, the splashing mist, and the massaging moving chair. Although the down-side is that the 3D glasses doesn't seem like stuff are flying out of the screen like in I-MAX.

Maleficent was brought to life by Angelina Jolie. The other characters were secondary in the film - even Aurora. Btw, we were able to guess who the true love was ;)

 Bonifacio High Street
Fort Bonifacio
(02) 8183601
Reservation - Sureseats

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lugang Cafe & Mochi Sweets @ SM Aura

Late post - for some reason, Box is not synching well at my laptop :(

We had our Fri-date at SM Aura's Lugang Cafe, but before that I stayed at Mochi Sweets while waiting...

Chestnut Mochi Donuts for me @80P  

chewy donut with a chestnut middle. I liked the light sweet taste

best of all - free orange mochi for any purchase!

Stir fried Seasonal Vegetables @240P

Broccoli looks like a brain :)) It was for sharing

Three cup chicken @ 320P

Chicken was good and the sweet taste is a sure winner for Filipinos

Monday, May 26, 2014

Paranaque Series: Geumgaok Korean & Sugar and Spice

Quick Fri-dates are still at Dona Soledad, Paranaque - the choices are limited, but at least there is :))

Other than Coupe Restaurant and Cake Planet for the cakes we are currently also frequenting Geumgaok Korean. It is a hole-in-the wall restaurant but they serve good food at reasonable prices
free appetizers. their miso soup is also free and unlimited

Bibim bab (mix rice with vegetable and sesame oil and sweet chilisauce) @230P

This was just OK, too much rice, but I was never into bibimbap anyway.

our favorite order - Samgyeopsal (pork roast with lettuce, kimchi, special salt and sesame oil) @230P

You wrap the roasted pork in the fresh greens and dip it in their sweet/spicy sauce - yum!

Another restaurant that we went to is the Sugar and Spice. The place is kind of cute, but the food was ugh. They said their 'chef' was in the province during the time we visited
Green pepper in lumpia wrapper with bicol express

Sauce was OK, but the food was oily and just tasted like peppers 

Mixed vegetables

The vegetables were bathing in soy sauce! Sodium overload

Walastik Bangus Abs (Milkfish Belly Steak) @135P

The milkfish was also bathing in soy sauce, eck! After the meal we had to have coffee at nearby Starbucks to wash out the taste

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pandora Mother's Day

I have decided to give mom a Pandora for Mother's Day :) 

Silver Collier with 2 pieces Head Over Heel Clip @ 8,360P - Mother's Day promo in Pandora Philippines. Bracelet original price is 4500 and the Clips are at 2400+P each

The Mother's Day promo at Pandora US is still a lot better, but I was already decided to give mom her Pandora yesterday.

Hubby has been giving me Pandora since before the birth of our baby girl. My Pandora Charm for Mother's Day 2014 is the Pandora Club Exclusive 2014
Heart diamond inside a Pandora Box - unsure if this sells in the Philippines

Admittedly I was surprised by the charm - it looks like a box, I don't know how I would react... It was unimpressive looking :)) He told me 'open the box'. Oh, so it opens! I was just expecting a spring butterfly!

contact: 09178481881

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pre-holy week: Taal Vista, Antonio's Grill, and Taal Ridge Starbucks

We were once again at Tagaytay last Holy Thursday - actually we were there Wednesday night then went back to Manila late Holy Thursday. We were supposed to be there Thursday and Friday with plans to go to mass on Friday at Tagaytay but Taal Vista was fully booked for the deal we got on the said days.

Bebe playing with the remote control :)

The room was nice, the only hitch was we were located at the old wing which was far from the main lobby and the facilities like the swimming pool. Our view was the Sky Ranch. Gym was small and without any windows. It wasn't an inviting work-out place. The staff was great and attentive though and even gave baby a lollipop upon checkout. 

Dinner was at Antonio's grill. 

Ginataang Monggo @ 200P, Liempo @ 290P

The food was reasonably priced. Most of them are good for four though so it was difficult to choose a dish for just hubby and me (and a tiny bit for baby).  

We had a quick swim early morning the next day at Taal Vista. It was just 7am and the pool was already a bit full. After the quick 'picture-dip' we had a loaded breakfast at Taal Vista's Cafe Veranda

My first plate :)) - crunchy squid, beef tapa, crunchy bacon, tocino, longganisa, and a bit of rice or corn? I liked the crunchy stuff the best in this set

My salad plate - it's good that there were olives, pickles and good cheese in their salad offering. There were also several dressing choices

Omelette order - you can ask for an omelette to be cooked by one of the servers. More cheese for me and without onions ;)

Dessert plate were mostly sweet breads and fruit. The cakes were not there for dessert as well as their gelato which was being offered for buffet lunch the last time we ate. So I guess lunch offerings are better then breakfast - nevertheless there was still a lot of food and unlimited hot choco :))

After check-out we went to Taal Ridge Starbucks which like Taal Vista has a nice view. The parking was super steep, so talent was needed :P

My cup of hazelnut macchiato perfect for the cool wind

Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
0917 8091254

One Destination, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
+63 46 483 4847

Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Silang, Crossing West
+63 46 413 0725

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Greeka Kouzina and Magnum Manila

Recently hubby and I have been frequenting SM Aura every Fri-date because it's halfway towards both our office locations. Although, yes, he is further from the location then I am so I have a decent 2 hours for window shopping/ shopping :))

I've already blogged before about Paul's Boulangerie and we still went back there last Friday for dessert - the difficult to prononunce but yummy Millefeuille Frais (easier said as strawberry napoleon :P).

The week before that we went to Greeka Kouzina then to Magnum Manila :)

Arni Lemonato (5 hour roasted lamb) @580P

Greeka Kouzina was reasonably priced. The Arni Lemonato was already good for two. The sauce that came with the lamb goes well with the meat.

Moussaka (free with the main dish!)

I always order moussaka in Mediterranean or Greek restaurants and I was happily surprised that their Moussaka (eggplant topped with cheese) already came with the lamb. The size was good for 1 person, but it's fine, since it's just a siding :-D 

The topping choices. Free three toppings

Then for dessert: anti-lamb suya :)) was at Magnum Manila. We were supposed to have their plated dessert but it sold out early. We had the customize your magnum instead. We were recommended the queso de bola, potato chips, and chili

Your choice of dip and drizzle - milk, dark or gold

Partial picture of the Rice Terraces wall made of Magnum Sticks

Mmmmm.... Our magnum creation :) @ 100P each

Mine was Almonds, Quezo de Bola, and choco chip cookies on dark chocolate drizzled by gold chocolate. Choco chip was almost unnoticeable. I should have gone for the potato chip :(

Level 2, SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio
Phone: 09175140157

SM Aura Sky Park

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Adventure at Fairview Terraces

Our family had a fun day at Fairview Terraces...

Free entrance for 500 worth of purchase at any store. There were activities like shoot the egg, a magic show, photobooth, and free film. There was also a nice lootbag and bag painting :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter 2014 goodies

It was just a Palm Sunday when we noticed the display at Sinfully, Shangri-la. They already have pretty chocolate eggs and bunnies!

At the middle is my chosen Sinfully Easter egg - small sparkly milk chocolate @170P. 

Marks and Spencer also has some Easter goodies, but more expensive since they are almost all big sized. Nevertheless I still got a really small pack of Easter Bunny and Easter Egg @75P each 

The price list for Sinfully's other goodies are here; price list for Mark's and Spencer are at their FB page :)

(02) 7296626

(02) 7299783

both at the 2/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St, Legazpi Village, Makati

Monday, April 7, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It feels like it's been centuries since we last watched a film - yes, we were not even able to watch the recent The Hobbit and Hunger Games. So finally, we got the chance to watch Captain America's Sequel!

It was action packed and had surprising twists (hail Hydra!). I love the car scene wherein several SWATS were chasing Nick Fury ;)

Oh and yes, GSP was there

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bro-in-law's Post Grad Celeb at Sophie's Mom

The set-up of Sophie's mom was cute

Baked Chicken Parmigiana @ 215P

This was my order and it was the best in the batch. Hubby and bro-in-law both ordered the Lemon Herb Chicken @ 215P and it wasn't that tasty and definitely can be made at home

Eclair @ 70P

Eclair was hard and seems like it's no longer fresh

Red Velvet cupcake @ 70P

Best bet for their dessert is their red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cake @ 100+

Tasted like their cupcake, so it's also a winner

G/F Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd, McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 8564849