Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lugang's 88 Deal

Lugang has a pretty nice deal this month of August for the 'Chinese Father's Day'....

We ordered the Eggplant with Basil in Sweet Sauce for 280P comes with the Taiwanese Chicken Drumstick 88P

and the Szechuan Dan-dan noodles in Peanut Sauce 230P comes with the Vietnamese Egg Rolls at 88P

The order was too much for two adults, 1 toddler and 1 baby, we had half for take-out, hehe

Their complete list is here:

It's only until end of August and Tuan Tuan also has an 88 deal - must go eat :-O

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Finding Dory at Greenbelt Cinema

Having young kids means monitoring what you watch - we actually no longer watch TV, Just the occasional saved films in our tablets when we are stuck in traffic. We were able to watch two films recently though, which are both for our three year old daughter's entertainment - Kung Fu Panda III and just last June 19 we watched Finding Dory.

Here's the official trailer

As usual, Pixar delivered. It was so touching my kid got emotional and cried, and her little brother cried when she cried, hahaha! The scenes were picture perfect, I missed diving more. The characters were also well taught of. My favorite for this sequel in Destiny the Whale Shark being in the Philippines and having seen this awesome creature. I also like the new character Hank the Octopus - the stern guy with big three hearts :)

Speaking of Hank, I had him drawn on my hand after the film. Just like during Kung Fu Panda, Greenbelt 3 had a 'Play Day Fun Day' June 18-19. Once you show them two tickets they allow the kids and kids at heart to have their picture taken at a photobooth, color at the coloring booth and have face painting. The dude at the face painting section drew a very nice Nemo for my baby girl and Han the Octopus for me...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wonderful Eats Near the Kapuso Network

We were assigned to GMA Network for quite some time - hence the Friday lunch-outs were around the area. For those of you who would be visiting for a show or who would just find themselves going down the GMA Kamuning station - here are some of our finds :)


1) Let's start from one of the farthest - I went to Kabigting's at Banawe on my own via a cab. It cost me 110P on a fairly decent traffic. I got super curious with their Halo-halo which was called by my office mate from Pampanga as better than Razon's and Spot.ph as the best halo-halo.
Picture by munchwaffle

My combo order - Combo C: Liempo Meal + Halo halo @ 220P

They were bragging that their liempo tasted better than the Cebu Lechon. Well, it was pretty tasty but not better. Maybe the same. Slight turn-off since few small skins were no longer crunchy. Nevertheless, the large chunks were crunchy and the price for the combo meal is pretty decent.

Picture by munchwaffle

Finally, their halo-halo. A separate order would set you back to 100P. You could also order for extra pastillas at 30P. The positive sides of this dessert is that their ice was finely shaven, it's not too sweet, and the crew makes sure to serve it only by the time you are going to eat your halo-halo. But is it just me - I still like Razon's better :( I think it's because of the leche flan and the bananas in Razon's that makes it my preference. The one in Kabigting's had Pastillas + Corn. It is less sweeter then the former, so I guess it depends on who's eating it.

528 Banawe Corner Calamba Street, Santo Mesa Heights, Banawe, Quezon City (the cab driver's don't know this restaurant but they know the nearby Aristocrat and Cake2Go)
Phone: 02 3546156

2) Another 'you'll need a cab to get there' from GMA is Mamon Luk. Don't expect good service, nice ambiance, or a lot of choices in this Chinese resto. We were just there for their mami + siopao and their global sauce which brings me back to college days, hehehe 
Picture from Tripadvisor.com.ph

Jr Mami is @110P while special siopao is @70P. I also ordered their big siomai @50P for 2pcs for takeout.

We waited for around 15 minutes just to be given the menu (with lots of follow-ups). The staff also buzzed the table after around 30 minutes. We were also perspiring like hell. As I said, it was sort of expected. The food though is simplicity at its best. The 'universal sauce' makes all the difference!

Banawe Street, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Phone: 712 35 60

Another Chinese Restaurant which I also wanted to visit near the vicinity but wasn't able to do so is Lam Tin. Probably next time.


3) Negros Inasal Express won the Food Wars Asia for the best Chicken Inasal but I would never have noticed the place if it wasn't for our last manager. It is small and had the 'carinderia' feel - well, at least they have a decent air conditioner.

Chicken Inasal with garlic rice 150P? Unlimited ice tea is only at 30P

Chicken is pretty juicy and flavorful. Due to the affordable price, we frequented this place when we got bored with canteen food.

85-A Timog Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City
Telephone: 920 10 70 

4) Also very near is Thaipan. Its interiors are classy and is a good date place. Actually, when I got there, the waiter assisting me kind of got surprised when I said 'table for one please'. He got so curious he even asked me why I was alone when I got the bill, hahaha! Bawal ba mag-isa kuya? :P  Come to think of it, all of their main dishes, noodles, and rice are good for two to three persons, hence, it was a very filling lunch... 
Picture by munchwaffle

If you want strong black tea in your milk tea while tasting good, then their Thai Milk Tea @ 110P is for you. It had me giddy and energetic after lunch!

Picture by munchwaffle

Soft Shell Crab with Black Pepper Sauce @ 405P is a must order. I love soft shell crabs and this one was executed well. And yes, their food is really good for two but I finished this up myself. 

I also kindda got jealous of those ordering their Pad Thai since it was super pretty, hehe.

120 Sct Dr Lazcano St, Laging Handa, Quezon City
Telephone: 352 49 26


5) Full Belly is another favorite of ours for Friday lunch-outs; more because of its convenience and yummy breakfast meals which you can order ahead for lunch. 
Picture from opensnap.com

Our go-to place specially during the holy week because of this yummy Homemade Bangus Belly Sardines @ 255P. Their Saranggani Milkfish Belly @ 235P is equally good. You can have the eggs scrambled and they serve it the way I like it - fluffy!

Picture from foodtravelphotographydiary.com

The Beef Belly Tapa @ 260P is a nice version of tapa - it's soft beef marinated well. Although the last time I went there the chunks became a lot smaller and was served very slow.

5 Sergeant Esguerra Avenue
Telephone: 412 81 22 

6) For 'sweldo-Fridays' or 'it's on the manager' days, we go for Victorino's - an ancestral house turned restau which serves Ilocano dishes. What I do like best there are the desserts by Heny Sison :) 


My feel happy cake is the Lemon Torte @ 180P which comes in a big slice. It's a combination of chunks of nuts and lemon curd in layers of meringue.

Service is also good at Victorino's. The usherette is actually a working student and even asked us how the food was during our first visit.

114 Scout Rallos corner 11th Jamboree
922 85 58

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lunch at the Casa Roces Ancestral House

I was pretty hyped up to try Casa Roces - it came highly recommended by some of my friends and had a very prestigious address being located right in front of Malacanang. So when hubby saw a deal at Deal Grocer I immediately asked him to grab it.

first served was the Fettucine with Blue Cheese and Roasted Mushrooms

There wasn't a tinge of blue cheese taste, if it wasn't for the name I wouldn't even know it should have one. It tasted like regular carbonara. My 2 yr old liked it though.

next came the Pollo Iberico

Both me and my husband thought it lacked taste. Even the sauce didn't improve it :(

The Sangria Te was served while we were having our chicken

The red ice tea with bits of fruits tasted fine - you could taste that it was really a house blend

For their cake of the day, the Chocolate Cake

It seems I had tasted this cake before - oh yeah, at Cravings during their cake all you can! Turns out Casa Roces is part of the Cravings Group.

That ends our meal from Deal Grocer @ 720P. I ordered additional coffee and hot choco to accompany our cake...

Tsokolate Eh - hot choco thickened with peanut butter @ 70P

I actually liked this best in all that was served. The hot choco and peanut butter complemented each other well

hubby had a cup of Caffe Latte @ 130P. In the background of this picture they also had a 'Rainy Day Promo' but it's only until today, August 15 - From 2 to 6pm free refills of merienda

It was OK, straightforward, I found the heart froth cute :)

I wanted to order the Malacanan Frozen Souffle since it sounded good and was recommend at foursquare when I checked in - Frozen Lemon Custard Souffle with Dark Chocolate Flakes @ 415P; but we were already full :( 

It was quite weird that they didn't offer their bestsellers in their deal since the other recommended items in foursquare had reasonable prices from their menu.

So given the food was just OK, we think what makes the restaurant special is the ambiance (oh, and the valet parking :))

Here are some pictures... We weren't able to go to the second floor with the function rooms, but the first floor was already pretty nice. Specially the area with the gold fish and the big door, our toddler loved it!
This was the area I was talking about. We stayed there for quite some time. Baby didn't want to say bye to the fish!

Imagine if you had this big door at home

Entrance going to the dining area

You would see this grandpa while waiting for your car being picked up by the valet

1153 JP Laurel St, Corner Aguado St, San Miguel, Manila
Contact: 02 488 19 29; 0917 550 9743; 02 735 58 96

Friday, August 14, 2015

La Lola & Yabu at Rockwell

The two restaurants here both have a long queue. Well, it isn't a surprise because once you've tried them I'm sure you'll be back :)

I didn't know about La Lola until my officemate brought it in the office. First time he had, I wasn't there, and those who had tasted it described it so yummy I wanted to go to Rockwell or Aura after office! Anyway, 2 weeks later...

the queue at Rockwell. I asked a guard where La Lola was and his reply was 'sa dulo ma'am, yung mahaba ang pila' - yep yep, saw it immediately. It wasn't that bad though, around 7 minutes tops.

deep fried big and sinful, nevertheless worth it classic churros! 

Can you still see the menu? Their best sellers are the Classic Churros (Medium 6pcs - 110P, Large 12pcs - 195P, XLarge 18pcs - 275P) and the Xuxos (Stuffed Churros at 120P/pc). You buy the Chocolate Dip separately (Medium - 80P, Large - 100P, XLarge - 130P)

Had our churros for take-out and ate it at Yabu. Medium size was good enough for sharing - only the container left in this picture :))

 Main meal was at Yabu. It's been a while since the Katsu craze but there is still a long line at Yabu Glorietta that we always give up on eating there. Good thing Rockwell's branch isn't that bad. We were 2nd in line - yipee!
Hire Set (pork tenderloin without fat) @ 385P 100grams. Comes with unlimited cabbage, soup, and japanese rice. I liked the Hire - the meat was soft and tasty. Their cabbage dressing and katsu sauce was also good.

Basement 1, Powerplant Mall, Makati
Contact: 0915 412 9468

4th floor, SM Aura, BGC, Taguig
Contact: 02 808 0469

Basement 1, Powerplant Mall, Makati
Contact: 02 887 0094

For other branch listing

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blue Bay Walk Bubble Fun & Angel N Kiss

It was our first time to visit the Blue Bay Walk last Saturday - and I must admit, we did have fun! Mostly thanks to the open area displays and the bubble man during that day. We found it so fun that we've decided to go back on the 18th to check out Blue Bay's Family Day with Kite Flying,  Kite Making and Film Showing :)

Kiddie friendly designs

Happy Bubbles Man. We bought a bubble maker kit @ 100P

Dada and bebe enjoyed making their own bubbles - well, dada enjoyed it more :))

Lights at night

Afterwards we had dinner at Angel N Kiss. Their cake displays were so nice we just had to check the restaurant out...

Dessert came first - Carrot Cake @ 150P. 

Bebe loved the carrot cake so much she finished most of it! If you like creamy - this is for you ;)

Katsu with Cheese combo (comes with ice tea) @ 350P

Hubby doesn't eat carbs, and we chose Angel N Kiss because of their menu display of Cheese sticks and Korean chicken, but turns out they only had few available meals - 2 pastas and 3 versions of Katsu with rice :(

The meal was good for sharing though and the Katsu went well with the side pickles. I do hope they didn't place the other offerings on display though.

Btw, one of the cutest cakes was an apple cake. They have a display on their Facebook page. And the Pat Bing Su or Korean Halo-halo also seemed interesting.

Edsa Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City
Contact: 02 857 9353
Mon-Sun 10AM to 10PM

Cluster G Unit 159-160 Blue Bay Walk
Contact: 09277 734 144, 02 403 85 78
Mon-Sub 8:30AM to 12MN 

Contact: 0917 558 4477

Monday, October 13, 2014

Chocolate Festival at Resorts World 2014

It's been a while since my last entry - work is still killing me. Nevertheless, my family and I are still able to enjoy the weekends with minor text messages from my users :-/

Two weeks back we were able to go to the last day of the Chocolate Festival at Resorts World. I so wanted a Chocolate Festival here in Manila. Cutest chocolates come out every Easter with several creations from different hotels like Shangri-la, Mandarin and Century Park. Nevertheless, they never make just one hub for all those cute chocolates, hence I was exhilarated to know that there would be a festival at Resorts World :)

Cute photo-op place with my doll-like bebe

The displays were done by Marriot hotel and were delicately created but more for adult appreciation

Other than this Gargoyle (with a live mosquito eating the chocolate from the back), there was also a 'Walking Dead' display - as I said it's more for adults' taste

After scanning through the chocolates on display as well as the chocolates for sale we went to eat at Johnny Chow Restaurant since the chocolate truffle buchi which was advertised along with the other chocolate offers seemed interesting...
Lechon Macau - with crispy skin matched with pineapple fritters in the middle. Even bebe enjoyed this meal even if she doesn't like pork :)

3 pcs Truffle Buchi - just like what Forest Gump said "Life is like a box of  chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get" in this case, life is like 3 pcs of chocolate buchi, we didn't know what we were going to get. Good thing I got the ferrero buchi at first - it was a delight! Hubby and I shared the last buchi which turned out to be a peanut chocolate - taste was so-so.

Address: 2nd floor Newport Mall, Pasay City
Contact:  02-6598353
Mon-Thurs & Sun 11AM to 12MN; Fri 11AM to 2AM, Sat 11AM to 1AM

Friday, July 4, 2014

My first Troll

I just couldn't resist #sopretty :-D

VINTAGE @ 4395p, 45cm SILVER NECKLACE @5600p with my cherry blossom pandora murano. 

This was the last piece of Vintage charm and silver neclace when I got there at the Trollbead store Glorietta 2 - I guess it was really meant for me :))

Website: http://www.trollbeads.com/philippines/en-ph/products/new%20products/11913(base_usd)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garnier Free Hair Color Application

I normally don't blog about free hair color application, but the people who did my hair was superb - and it was free!

We went to SM Bicutan yesterday for our regular weekly grocery. I was due to color my 'stress hair' - yes, the small, white, standing up hair. Around more than three months ago I did my own hair using the Garnier burgundy and I had an easy time applying it, hence I was looking for the same brand. I was getting disappointed that I can't seem to see it when a couple of steps later, in the middle of the mall was a makeshift salon area - there was free application for Garnier!

199P for 1 box

The guy who did the blowdry was amazing - too bad I didn't take a picture :( This runs until June 12 in SM Bicutan then they are off to Market Market :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gummy Bear Drinks!

Ah... the chewy gummy bears... it brings back childhood memories :-D

It's no surprise I would like the 'off-the-menu' Jamba Juice White Gummy Bear and Strawberry Gummy Bear drinks.

Light pink drink for the strawberry gummy. The first sip will make you addicted to it. I like the sweeter strawberry gummy.

I found a recipe online :)

Red Gummy!

-6oz Raspberry juice
-4oz Soymilk
-1 scoop Lime Sherbet
-1 scoop Raspberry Sherbet
-1 scoop Orange Sherbet
-1 scoop Pineapple Sherbet
-1 scoop ice
-1 scoop Strawberries

White Gummy!

-6oz Peach Juice
-4oz Soymilk
-1 scoop Lime Sherbet
-1 scoop Raspberry Sherbet
-1 scoop Orange Sherbet
-1 scoop Pineapple Sherbet
-1 scoop ice
-1 scoop Mangoes