Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yummy Italian Food at Linguini Fini

Everything we had at Linguini Fini Megamall was good! Need I say more? :)

Gold Bars @ 365P
(Herb breaded mozzarella, homemade marinara)

No one could go wrong with mozzarella bars as a starter. 

Chopped Porchetta @ 485P
(Slow roasted, fennel rubbed pork belly with chili mostarda)

I'm sure a lot of Filipinos would just order rice with this. Sinfully delicious.

Orechiette @ 345P
(Local sausage, chili leaves, pecorino romano)

The orechiette pasta was filled with a lot of chopped longaniza. I wasn't able to finish this anymore since I was super full with the Mozzarella bars and Porchetta already. 

My lunch buddy had Tinapa Linguini @ 295P and he liked it as well.

Linguini Fini
3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Green Pastures Shang Mall

Late post - We went to Green Pastures one stressful day after buying a Pandora Primrose Earring for myself. Yes, I was that stressed during that time :))

Local Organic Citrus in Season @ 120P

Vegetarian Burger That Doesn't Suck @ 410P
(100% vegetarian burger made with organic chickpea, mushroom, leeks, celery and eggplant with house made cheddar cheese, brioche bun)

Yes, this burger didn't suck at all! Just like the healthy burger at Corner Tree House I wouldn't mind eating these healthy burgers everyday for lunch - except for the hefty price which would leave me broke before the next sweldo, hehe. The side sweet potato was also very good and rather heavy.

Level 4, Shangri-la Mall East Wing

Also has branches at Eastwood Mall, Libis & Net Park Building, BGC

Friday, October 21, 2016

Triple-O's Megamall

One lunch break I went out for a 'quick' pedicure at Megamall and decided to swing by Triple O's for a taste of their well-known Canadian burger.

Weird - no one was there lunch time

Chocolate Milkshake Small @150P. 

Very good milkshake! Good enough for dessert - it was very thick and chocolatey. Had it twice already. The other one at their SM Aura food at the 4th branch.

Chipotle BBQ @ 280P
(From the menu: 100% fresh Canadian beef, melted cheddar cheese, grilled onions, spicy Chipotle mayo and tangy BBQ Sauce. Topped with our signature pickle)

The burger was so-so. I don't know if it's because I didn't have their white sauce or because there are so many burgers I can compare it with :(

Triple O's
3rd Floor, Atrium, SM Megamall

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Chicken at Fireside and Kettle

No mistake about it, the fried chicken with corn bread at Fireside SM Megamall or Kettle SM Aura is a feel good meal. Good enough to share with friends - I would still keep coming back to those restaurants just for that.

We also tried the Smoked Mac & Cheese with Bacon Chunks @ 209P at Fireside by Kettle

It was a good combination with the main event (the fried chicken!). I'm sure kids will love this meal since it was topped with a lot of melted cheese.

Fireside's Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers @489P
(From the Menu: 24 hour brined, cajun ritz breading, home style gravy, cornbread doughnuts)

The salty chicken combined with the donuts dipped in honey is a winner combination!

We ordered this Rosemary Garlic Chicken @ 479P at Kettle
(From the Menu: Half all natural chicken, lemon oil, gravy, oven roasted garlic and potatoes)

This was just fine, it tasted a bit like the Andok's Chicken which is half the price :( Hubby told me we should have just stick to the order that I already tried and tested.

Yes, this tried and tested order - Buttermilk Fried Chicken @ 559P
(Honey Glazed Cornbread, Country Gravy, Cajun Honey)

Just like the one in Fireside except it wasn't cut and the cornbread wasn't a doughnut. 

3rd Floor, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Building B, Mandaluyong
Ground Floor. Powerplant Rockwell, Makati

SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City
Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City
Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City
Resorts World Manila, Newport City, Pasay 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Yo! Panda

A relatively new restaurant in Megamall. We went there during their store opening around August. Their food was good but there were lots of unavailable stuff in the menu. The crew was also unsure of what they are serving.

Crispy Pork chop with Cheese Sauce and Noodles @ 280P

Description from the menu: Crispy fried porkchop, sunny side up organic egg, noodles and cheese sauce

My toddler loved the noodles! The cheese sauce is like the one in Mitsuyado Sei-Men minus the soup. The noodles were also 'kiddie friendly' - similar to the grocery instant versions. The pork chop was freshly cooked and tastes very good with the cheesy noodles. 

Pork Floss and Cheese Bubble Waffle @ 120P

We wanted to upgrade this to flavored bubble waffle for 30P but they said it wasn't possible at the moment. This came out dry and unsatisfying. The floss was sprinkled too thinly we could hardly taste it. The waffle was, however very filling - good enough for sharing as an appetizer. 

Chocolate Fudge Bubble Waffle @ 200P

The ice cream was good, but the waffle was also dry. Before I tried the restaurant I was under the impression that the waffle was their main star, but I guess not.

Yo! Panda
SM Megamall Building A

Monday, October 17, 2016

Faces on My Meal! - Pie Face & Uncle Tetsu

Our breakfast in bed during a recent stay-cation

Two Pie Face Chunky Steak (Small) @ 50P each and Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake (Mini) @99P and Cheese Tart (Mini) @ 49P

Flavorful chunks of beef in these tiny faces from Pie Face. They also serve lunch sets which come with either pasta or salad and Ice Tea @ 150P.

As for the cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu this is the only Japanese cheese cake my husband likes (and yes, he already tried Pablo :-O). Not the typical cheesecake, it is soft, creamy and not too sweet. Their cheese tart was just fine. Tastes almost the same as their cheesecake but thinner cheese with a tart :))

Pie Face/ Uncle Tetsu
SM Megamall, Building A  

Din Tai Fung Manila

I have been frequenting Megamall Fashion Hall - whether I'm in a group or flying solo, but I never had the chance to blog about it. One of my favorite restaurants there is Din Tai Fung. And yes, it is because of their ever famous Xiao Long Bao or soup dumplings. But, there's another thing in their menu I just can't forget about...

Efficient waiting area. Yes, most of the time - it's table for 1 for me; don't care as long as I get my dumpling craving :))

My fav Pork Xiao Long Bao @ 160P for 5 pieces

Tasty minced pork with soup. Couple it with their signature vinegar and ginger - yum yum! It is pretty filling. 

Close up!

Green Squash and Shrimp Dumplings @ 160P for 5 pieces

Tried to taste this since it had shrimp and I like shrimp, but it wasn't as satisfying as the Pork Dumplings. Won't pretend to be healthy anymore next time - back to my usual pork.

How to eat your Xiao Long Bao...

They have instructions on how to properly eat a Xiao Long Bao. When I first had my taste of the soup dumpling at Lugang Cafe I basically just put everything in my mouth :P The right way as listed in Din Tai Fung is to poke a hole and let the soup spill a bit on your spoon, top it with ginger and soy & vinegar sauce then eat hot.

For rice eaters, they have the Pork Chop over Fried Rice @ 270P. This is pretty heavy. I usually just finish half of this.

Another Xiao Long Bao worth mentioning is their...
Chocolate Xiao Long Bao (3pcs) @ 115P

Filled with yummy chocolate - very good ending

Another wonderful dessert in Din Tai Fung...
This was what I was talking about. My favorite - what good dreams are made of! 

Golden Lava Salted Egg Yolk Bun @ 85P for 2 pieces

This was a freebie for regular customers when I first tasted it. They emailed me that I get free Egg Yolk Buns for 350P worth of purchase. Addictive! Even more addictive then their Xiao Long Bao

Din Tai Fung
SM Megamall, Fashion Hall, Building B, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Phone: 997 19 35

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Around Renaissance, Ugong Pasig: OK Cafe

So I'm in Ortigas now after the (long) stint in Kamuning. I was actually here before Kamuning, and I'm back again :-/

It's good that there is a new restaurant near my client's office in Renaissance. We were expecting Starbucks to open in the said location early this year but it turns out that a restaurant of Chef Lau would be there - the OK Cafe. It soft opened around September. For those of you who do not know where Renaissance is, it is beside the fly over in Meralco Avenue and beside the Ayala Mall 30th being built (so excited for this!)

Been eating at OK Cafe from time to time - when I don't want the canteen food or just want to have lunch out nearby. The choice is either OK Cafe or Big Mama which I also frequent.

Let me start by saying that their staff are really pleasant - a big plus for a new restaurant. They also refill your water fairly quickly.

Now to the food. So far I tried the following already...

Chocolate Croissant @65P

I would rather spend a hundred rather than a sad croissant. This one was hard - I usually have my croissant heated. Unfortunately they burned it :(

Chicken Adobo Confit 189P

My favorite among their 'All Day Silogs'. The chicken was soft and came with their usual side dish of onions and tomatoes with mayonnaise on one side and pickled vegetables on the other side. I always have my eggs scrambled but you can also opt to have the sunny side up.

Bacon Overload @189P and Lychee House Ice Tea @89P

The only one I tried in their 'Baked Omelets' and it was pretty good as well. As the name says there were lots of Bacon and the egg was creamy. Their Lychee Ice tea was also refreshing. I like this better than just their 'House Ice Tea' @ 79P

Smoked Bangus @ 209P

The first meal I tried at OK Cafe. It was okay - a bit pricey for the usual half smoked milkfish. I did like their plating though, hehe

Garlic Longa Steak @ 169P

I don't know what happened to their plating this time around. The eggs were slobbed and they used a very big white plate. The garlic longa steak was also just fine - an upgrade of the Jollibee steak :P

I also tried their Quezo de Bola Cheesecake which is the same as the ones they used to have in Bfast at Ayala Triangle. Unfortunately they scrimped on the cheesecake this time, placing a layer of jelly - sad. Their Tablea pie is still there though and still yummy.

Tablea Pie @ 135P

Rich chocolate pie with graham crust and caramel. If it is marked as 'Cake for the Day' it will come free with an iced or hot americano for free! (btw the Americano is @99P)

By the way, they don't accept credit cards and neither do they give an OR as of this writing.

OK Cafe
Ground Floor Renaissance Center, Meralco Avenue, Ugong Pasig
(located near the parking)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lugang's 88 Deal

Lugang has a pretty nice deal this month of August for the 'Chinese Father's Day'....

We ordered the Eggplant with Basil in Sweet Sauce for 280P comes with the Taiwanese Chicken Drumstick 88P

and the Szechuan Dan-dan noodles in Peanut Sauce 230P comes with the Vietnamese Egg Rolls at 88P

The order was too much for two adults, 1 toddler and 1 baby, we had half for take-out, hehe

Their complete list is here:

It's only until end of August and Tuan Tuan also has an 88 deal - must go eat :-O

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Finding Dory at Greenbelt Cinema

Having young kids means monitoring what you watch - we actually no longer watch TV, Just the occasional saved films in our tablets when we are stuck in traffic. We were able to watch two films recently though, which are both for our three year old daughter's entertainment - Kung Fu Panda III and just last June 19 we watched Finding Dory.

Here's the official trailer

As usual, Pixar delivered. It was so touching my kid got emotional and cried, and her little brother cried when she cried, hahaha! The scenes were picture perfect, I missed diving more. The characters were also well taught of. My favorite for this sequel in Destiny the Whale Shark being in the Philippines and having seen this awesome creature. I also like the new character Hank the Octopus - the stern guy with big three hearts :)

Speaking of Hank, I had him drawn on my hand after the film. Just like during Kung Fu Panda, Greenbelt 3 had a 'Play Day Fun Day' June 18-19. Once you show them two tickets they allow the kids and kids at heart to have their picture taken at a photobooth, color at the coloring booth and have face painting. The dude at the face painting section drew a very nice Nemo for my baby girl and Han the Octopus for me...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wonderful Eats Near the Kapuso Network

We were assigned to GMA Network for quite some time - hence the Friday lunch-outs were around the area. For those of you who would be visiting for a show or who would just find themselves going down the GMA Kamuning station - here are some of our finds :)


1) Let's start from one of the farthest - I went to Kabigting's at Banawe on my own via a cab. It cost me 110P on a fairly decent traffic. I got super curious with their Halo-halo which was called by my office mate from Pampanga as better than Razon's and Spot.ph as the best halo-halo.
Picture by munchwaffle

My combo order - Combo C: Liempo Meal + Halo halo @ 220P

They were bragging that their liempo tasted better than the Cebu Lechon. Well, it was pretty tasty but not better. Maybe the same. Slight turn-off since few small skins were no longer crunchy. Nevertheless, the large chunks were crunchy and the price for the combo meal is pretty decent.

Picture by munchwaffle

Finally, their halo-halo. A separate order would set you back to 100P. You could also order for extra pastillas at 30P. The positive sides of this dessert is that their ice was finely shaven, it's not too sweet, and the crew makes sure to serve it only by the time you are going to eat your halo-halo. But is it just me - I still like Razon's better :( I think it's because of the leche flan and the bananas in Razon's that makes it my preference. The one in Kabigting's had Pastillas + Corn. It is less sweeter then the former, so I guess it depends on who's eating it.

528 Banawe Corner Calamba Street, Santo Mesa Heights, Banawe, Quezon City (the cab driver's don't know this restaurant but they know the nearby Aristocrat and Cake2Go)
Phone: 02 3546156

2) Another 'you'll need a cab to get there' from GMA is Mamon Luk. Don't expect good service, nice ambiance, or a lot of choices in this Chinese resto. We were just there for their mami + siopao and their global sauce which brings me back to college days, hehehe 
Picture from Tripadvisor.com.ph

Jr Mami is @110P while special siopao is @70P. I also ordered their big siomai @50P for 2pcs for takeout.

We waited for around 15 minutes just to be given the menu (with lots of follow-ups). The staff also buzzed the table after around 30 minutes. We were also perspiring like hell. As I said, it was sort of expected. The food though is simplicity at its best. The 'universal sauce' makes all the difference!

Banawe Street, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Phone: 712 35 60

Another Chinese Restaurant which I also wanted to visit near the vicinity but wasn't able to do so is Lam Tin. Probably next time.


3) Negros Inasal Express won the Food Wars Asia for the best Chicken Inasal but I would never have noticed the place if it wasn't for our last manager. It is small and had the 'carinderia' feel - well, at least they have a decent air conditioner.

Chicken Inasal with garlic rice 150P? Unlimited ice tea is only at 30P

Chicken is pretty juicy and flavorful. Due to the affordable price, we frequented this place when we got bored with canteen food.

85-A Timog Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City
Telephone: 920 10 70 

4) Also very near is Thaipan. Its interiors are classy and is a good date place. Actually, when I got there, the waiter assisting me kind of got surprised when I said 'table for one please'. He got so curious he even asked me why I was alone when I got the bill, hahaha! Bawal ba mag-isa kuya? :P  Come to think of it, all of their main dishes, noodles, and rice are good for two to three persons, hence, it was a very filling lunch... 
Picture by munchwaffle

If you want strong black tea in your milk tea while tasting good, then their Thai Milk Tea @ 110P is for you. It had me giddy and energetic after lunch!

Picture by munchwaffle

Soft Shell Crab with Black Pepper Sauce @ 405P is a must order. I love soft shell crabs and this one was executed well. And yes, their food is really good for two but I finished this up myself. 

I also kindda got jealous of those ordering their Pad Thai since it was super pretty, hehe.

120 Sct Dr Lazcano St, Laging Handa, Quezon City
Telephone: 352 49 26


5) Full Belly is another favorite of ours for Friday lunch-outs; more because of its convenience and yummy breakfast meals which you can order ahead for lunch. 
Picture from opensnap.com

Our go-to place specially during the holy week because of this yummy Homemade Bangus Belly Sardines @ 255P. Their Saranggani Milkfish Belly @ 235P is equally good. You can have the eggs scrambled and they serve it the way I like it - fluffy!

Picture from foodtravelphotographydiary.com

The Beef Belly Tapa @ 260P is a nice version of tapa - it's soft beef marinated well. Although the last time I went there the chunks became a lot smaller and was served very slow.

5 Sergeant Esguerra Avenue
Telephone: 412 81 22 

6) For 'sweldo-Fridays' or 'it's on the manager' days, we go for Victorino's - an ancestral house turned restau which serves Ilocano dishes. 

Binagoongang Baboy @ 330P

Pork liempo with alamang, eggplants and tomatoes. This was our favorite in all the meals we ordered. Just the right salty and sweet. The bagoong makes all the difference!

Kare-kare @ 550P

Stewed ox tail and tripe in peanut sauce. Traditional kare-kare. The way your nanay would make it.

Tinola nga Manok @ 280P

Slow cooked native chicken. This was classified under soup but had considerable chunks of chicken. Funny, it was the first time my officemates saw unborn chicken eggs - they actually went eeeewww and didn't want to eat them. Honestly, this was one of my favorite food growing up. My mom used to buy those in the market and cook them also in tinola, hehe. I asked for them with strange glares from some of them but I wasn't able to take a picture.

What I do like best there are the desserts by Heny Sison :) 

My feel happy cake is the Lemon Torte @ 180P which comes in a big slice. It's a combination of chunks of nuts and lemon curd in layers of meringue. I had this once with their very thick hot choco - super yum!

Service is also good at Victorino's. The usherette is actually a working student and even asked us how the food was during our first visit.

114 Scout Rallos corner 11th Jamboree
922 85 58